5 Exciting Fiesta Activities in the 2016 Higalaay Festival

The month of August in Cagayan de Oro is extremely special for Kagay-anons. Every August 28th, the whole city celebrates the feast day of St. Augustine—CDO’s patron saint. And to make the occasion more fun, interesting, and entertaining for locals and tourists alike, the city government of Cagayan de Oro

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Higalaay Festival 2016

During the month of August in Cagayan de Oro, it isn’t hard to notice that the usual ambiance in the city becomes suddenly festive. Posters and other informational ads about the upcoming Higalaay Festival instantly catch the attention of people wandering around the malls and other commercial centers; banderitas are

The VDay Monologues: Gaining Ground in CDO

The idea for The Vagina Monologues was born out of a casual conversation playwright Eve Ensler had with some friends. In that conversation, Ensler’s friends shared a few anecdotes about women and their experiences. This led Eve to conduct interviews with over 200 women, where they talked about the women’s

VDay Monologues 2016 at Seda Hotel: A Show to Remember

A cozy venue, good food, an entertaining and eye-opening show. What more could you ask for?   This was what Seda Centrio had in store for guests last March 19 and 20, when they sponsored a dinner show featuring the VDay Monologues, a play that featured pieces from The Vagina

Xavier University’s Panaghugpong Is Now on its Eighth Year!

Art has always been considered as an elitist form of hobby and pleasure; that’s why a lot of people think that it is inaccessible for many of us. Progressively, however, this mindset has changed after a number of art forms such as classical music and paintings became mainstream and basically

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