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Simbang Gabi/Misa de Gallo has started. Soon enough, many of you will likely be on your way home to spend Christmas and or New Year’s Day with your family. And you have most likely received your Christmas bonus by now. So you’re ready for some pasalubong shopping, right?


Of course, even when you want to buy pasalubong for everyone you left back home, you also wouldn’t want to spend all that hard-earned money in one go, would you? So be sure to shop smart!


If you’re leaving from Cagayan de Oro or passing by the city on your way home, here’s what you can do to make sure you have enough pasalubong for everyone without spending too much: Drop by any of the VjANDEP pasalubong shops in the city!


What You’ll Find in the Shop

One of the things people love most about the VjANDEP pasalubong center is that they carry not only the famous VjANDEP Pastel, but also a wide array of other pasalubong items that are delicacies of Northern Mindanao and a few other places in the country.


You could buy Iligan’s famous Cheding’s Peanuts in several variants—toasted, salted, sugar-coated, hot & spicy. They also sell cheese sticks, cashew nuts (greaseless or roasted), assorted tarts, candied fruits, biscocho, peanut butter, polvoron, pastillas de leche, pastillas ube, otap, caycay, pastries, and coffee.


If your hometown isn’t too far from CDO, you may even want to buy their frozen siopao, which is gradually gaining popularity among those who are looking for something new to bring home from CDO. Curious as to why a food item adopted from the Chinese, which you could have practically anywhere in the country, is increasingly becoming a popular pasalubong? Visit any of VjANDEP’s stores—Bulua, Tiano, Agora—now and try their siopao. You’ll surely want your loved ones to try it, too!


Of course, shopping for pasalubong is made more enjoyable when the prices of the goods aren’t too high. And that’s exactly why we’re advising you to visit VjANDEP for your pasalubong needs. They give you all the best items at all the best prices. Your Christmas vacation will be sure to get off to a good start.