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If you love burgers, then you must have tried out several variations already. Some good, some bad, and some are so innovative that you had no choice but to appreciate the genius and the effort these burger joints had to put into the creation of such amazing culinary delights.


One such burger joint that is so innovative when it comes to the creation of these sandwiches is Bad Burgers. You can’t deny the excitement that you get from just reading the menu items!


Your mouth waters and your belly rumbles as you read through the list of burgers: classic cheese, pesto with cheese, cheesy mushroom, wasabi with cheese, Hawaiian with cheese, the donut burger, the triple threat, the black burger. Come on, any individual with a burger fetish will definitely get a kick out of this amazing menu!


And it doesn’t help your craving once you see these burgers being prepared and delivered to hungry patrons. The thick juicy burger patty covered by the steamy hot cheese like a blanket of pure goodness, the full-figured bun littered with sesame seeds, the crispy cracklings on the side. If you’re not itching for a Bad Burger after reading this, there’s seriously something wrong with you.


The Dominance of the Dominator Burger


One of the most talked about burgers in the menu is probably The Dominator Burger. From the sound of its name, it feels like something that you have to contend with. And once you see it in front of you, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve met your match, as any burger enthusiast would.


The Dominator Burger is really a bad burger, but in a good way. It’s the baddest burger in town. Believe it or not, this burger is a whopping 8-inch contender sliced into four parts. The smoked patties are so juicy they’re irresistible. Then add the oh-so-creamy-cheese and a few condiments, and you have the ultimate burger creation that’s also a work of culinary art.


Although the Dominator Burger is definitely a challenge for any one person to eat alone, it is a satisfying meal for up to four people. You can invite your friends to help demolish it if you want. A fair warning though, the Dominator Burger is not for the faint of heart. Once you try it, you’ll be craving for more.


So if you feel like having a nice burger meal, you should stop by at either of Bad Burgers’ branches at Center Point and Pueblo de Oro.


For a complete list of their menu, visit their official Facebook page here:


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